Is Practicing “Everything in Moderation” Holding You Back From Optimal Health and Fitness?

One of the most common phrases uttered by clients around the world is ‘everything in moderation’ – as in, “I’ll be fine, I’ll shed weight, I’ll get healthier…as long as I stay the course and do everything in moderation.” The thing is, countless individuals who practice the ‘everything in moderation’ lifestyle end up living with everything BUT the health and fitness they desire. Why? Perhaps it’s because they’re using ‘everything in moderation’ as a crutch used to avoid choosing a specific path.’Everything in moderation’ an easy way out when individuals don’t want to make tough choices and would rather pacify themselves by choosing to be moderate. Now, some may argue that ‘moderation’ equals ‘balance’ and that being balanced is much healthier physically, mentally and emotionally than living at one extreme or another. But 9 times out of 10, when somebody proclaims that they want to practice ‘everything in moderation’, they’re not searching for balance — they’re searching for the aforementioned easy way out (the way to live without making sacrifices) while also expecting the world! And unfortunately, (of course) change isn’t going to come about with that mindset! Is ‘everything in moderation’ a choice? Sure!Choosing moderation is a perfectly viable solution. So is choosing ‘mediocrity’; choosing ‘average’; choosing ‘standard’. But you don’t choose ‘average’ when you’re striving for fat loss, do you? No! You choose to shed as much fat as you can…in the shortest amount of time. You don’t choose ‘mediocrity’ when you aim for improved health, do you? No! You choose to have the best health you can possibly have, right?You don’t look for a ‘standard’ training program to do deliver you health, fitness and fat loss, right? No! You want an excellent training program that’s going to take into consideration all of your needs, and deliver EXACTLY what you’re striving for! So, than the question is, why would you choose anything ‘in moderation’, when achieving success requires actions above and beyond…average? Take a chance! Go beyond ‘moderation’ with your nutrition. Dedicate ‘above average effort’ to your training; commit to the ‘extremes’ of a healthy lifestyle that suits you perfectly…It’s the surest way to go beyond ‘moderate’ to ‘overwhelming’ health and fitness success.

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